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An icon of Streamline Moderne design, the “Zephyr” was made by Lawson Time, Inc. of Los Angeles, Calif. from ca. 1938 through the 1950s. Its design has long been attributed to acclaimed German-American industrial designer Kem Weber, although recent research suggests that it was more likely the creation of noted Art Deco designer and metalsmith, Paul Feher, working with artist George Adomatis. No patents or design drawings exist for the Zephyr, or for any of Lawson’s clocks. This particular clock was made at Lawson Time’s Pasadena facility and dates to 1940-42. It has a ‘bronze’ finished brass case with brass trim. The Zephyr was also available in a brushed gold finish with brass trim, “gunmetal” with chrome trim, and “silver” with brass trim.

Ahhhhh!? Beautiful!

I figured I should start using some of the app’s out there that can make this Instastuff more interesting! Sorry about the quality of the pics in my first go… Here an order I did over the weekend for @yoshastylez’s Pop’s. It was a fun one! I love my Lil .380, great and inexpensive, with a helluva kick, if yer not ready! Gonna be putting up some new stuff in the webshop this week, and putting a buncha stuff on sale for spring! #leather #leatherwork #leatherworking #leathercraft #leathercrafting #handmade #madeintheusa

I made a couple new wallets from a drawing I did the other day. It’s Dead Wolf Headz & Dead Snakes… Both run thru with Silver and Bronze Arrows… I only made two, the only thing different about each is the color of the insides. One is dark and one is light! There made to last! Brutal… Up in the shop! #leatherwork #leatherworking #leathercarving #leather #handmadeinamerica

So I had to get a new phone on an extremely small budget (had to borrow money from my girlfriend… blush..) and I’ve come to realize that the camera friggin sucks on it, so I apologize for this bit of terrible photography & lighting. It definitely doesn’t bring out the beautiful bronze of the ornamental flowers, or lets you see the wartorn cityscape beyond the ACAB… Well, use your imagination, its glorious! #leather #leatherwork #leatherworking #leathercarving #handmadeinamerica #ACAB

I like how flashy this ended up coming out! It’s got that Green Moss Opal that works great with the gold and the watery turquoise. All set off by the fiery red. This is the only one, and its up in the shop now:
On to the next order! I gotta get some custom stuff done that I’d started a while back, but hit a wall in regards to where it was all going creatively. And I’ve found that its better to take a step back to get a new perspective instead of pushing thru cuz that’s how stuff gets ruined… Learnedvthatvthe hard way too many times…. Hope yall are well! Cheers!!! #leatherwork #leathercraft #leatherworking #leather #madeintheusa #handmade

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