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Good evening everyone! Here’s how the dying went yesterday, well technically today, at 4:30 in the morning… What can I say? I’ve always been a nighttime bird… Anyhoo, I ended up running the picture thru a filter so the detail could be seen better, since its all done in blacks and dark greys, it was a pain in the but to get a good photo of it!? It looks bad-ass in person tho, so that’s what really counts! I’m working on the main part of the strap right now, so, hopefully I’ll have some pictures up tomorrow of the finished product… For now tho, I say Good Day! #leathercraft #leathercarving #leatherwork #madeintheusa

I’m in the middle of an order at the moment and thought I’d take a picture of this part of it, the adjustable part of this guitar strap, since its been fun doin some good old-fashioned Sheridan style flowers… I’m excited to dye it too, cuz everything’s gonna be different shades of black when it’s done! So this will be a fun experiment! So here’s the “Before”…. the next post will be the “After”… Yay! Up all night, sleep deprivation always adds to the fun! #leathercraft #leathercarving #leatherwork

Here’s a big ol tote bag I’ve been making for myself, as a prototype, and as a much needed project while on the road the past few weeks. Normally (and with future bags) I’d use the sewing machine to do all of this, and it would have been finished rather quickly, but I’ve been doing everything by hand with this sucker, which has turned it into a bit of a pain in the butt… A much needed, pain in the butt, but a pain none the less! I’ve found that if I don’t have something to do that’s constructive while traveling someplace, I get insanely bored, so I’ve been trying to pick up some more “mobile” crafts to do, when I know I’ll be sitting someplace for extended periods… That way, anywhere I’m at, like the DMV, my parents house, a bar with friends, strip club (ha!), or anywhere else you might find me on any given day, I’ll be happily sittin at chatting while fumbling around with something in my hands… They truly are the devils playthings if I don’t put em to work!
This bag is big too! 16”L x 18”W x 6”D… I can fit alotta stuff in it! #handmade #leathercraft #leatherwork #leathercarving #sewing #madeintheusa p.s. the bottom leather is a really nice deep blue/green. Its just a little hard to see! Later taters!

Howdy everyone! Here the first of two posts I’ve got for you guys this fine Monday evening… I’ve been a bit obsessed with sewing and textiles as of late, and have had a goal since I was young, to get to a point in my life where I make all my own clothes, and here’s one I just finished last night that turned out pretty darn good (besides my sloppiness with a sewing machine…), and the first of many new experiments into the wonderful world of commercial sewing patterns & and fabric designs. I’ve been a bit obsessed with Caftan’s as of late too. So there’s probably gonna be a lot of these, since they’re so easy and comfortable… Add “All Things Herringbone” to that list of obsessions too, which is still odd to me. Honestly don’t know where that one came from, I just know that it “Is”! Next up, Tote Bags…. #handmade #madeintheusa #sewing #tailoring #newobsessions

I haven’t been paying too much attention to my online life lately, so sorry for that gang… So here’s a purse i made for my Mom! She actually took the picture too (once again I spaced taking pictures of the finished product… I’ve been so spacey this summer!?). I’ve been focusing on other projects lately too, trying to combine different crafty things, and pushing myself to learn new stuff so I can add newer dimensions to my work… I’m up in Minneapolis for the weekend for some good friend’s wedding, so my brain is, once again, someplace else! Thanks for the pic Mom! Cheers Y’all!!! #leathercraft #leatherwork #leathercarving #madeintheusa #handmade #braindead & #tired

Hi! Been on a bit of a “summer holiday” from work, and had some fun visiting friends in NYC, Philly, and most definitely Pittsburgh, only to return home to Nashville to welcome my parents for a visit that wasn’t long enough! I’ve been gettin back ta work tho the past couple days and working on some custom stuff and some stuff for tha shop! I’m heading up to Minneapolis around the weekend of the 26th (July) for some friends wedding, then meandering back down home with another extended visit to Pittsburgh, this time with all my leather working gear in tow for the fun of it, and since I’ll be rubber tramping it. For now tho, work work work! Gonna start showing other projects on here too, since i finally started making/sewing my own crazy ass clothes! Reaching a goal I’ve had for over 20 years feels rad… Anyhoo, Cheers!!! #handmade #leatherwork #leathercraft #leathercarving #madeintheusa #madeinamerica

THIS IS IT! ONLY 12 HOURS LEFT OF THE RCL SUMMER SALE!!!! IT ENDS AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT EASTERN STANDARD TIME!!! HURRY UP AND GET EM WHILE YOU CAN!!!! I’LL BE WAKING UP EARLY AND HEADING TO THE POST OFFICE TO SHIP ALL THE ORDERS PRIORITY! DO IT, MANE!!! #Leathercraft #leatherwork #madeintheusa I’ll be in Pittsburgh for tge next couple days and still have a few items left, so holla atcha boy! @serpentina_luna took the pic, we couldn’t help but pull over and snap a few! Cheers!

I’m having a crazy ass sale thru Midnight Sunday!!!! Sometimes plans change and I’m cutting my NYC trip short to hit up Philly, Pittsburgh (hopefully), and Asheville, NC!!! A little whirlwind road trip before the end of next week!!!! So I’m doin this for everyone I might miss up here! So get to and get em while their hot!!!! I won’t have deals like this again for a while, so go for it y’all!!!! Thru midnight Sunday, shipped Monday priority! AAWWWEEESSSOOOOMMMEEE!!!!????!!! #leatherworking #leathercraft #madeinamerica #handmade #goodtago #buyyerselfsumfinpurty #doit

So I finally made the hatband for my totally amazing custom hat from @witnesscompany and now I love my hat more than ever! In other news: Hey NYC! I’ll be up in you Saturday night (the 14th) till the 24th! Holler at me y’all! I’m in Pennsylvania for the night then helping my Ol Lady move stuff from her Ma’s to her new spot in Brooklyn, so see everyone soon! I have stuff with me for sale too, and I tend to give discounts when you buy something in person! I’m good like that, so if ya see me n my hat someplace, that means I’ll have leather stuff too, so hit me up!!! (p.s. I’ll have my little credit card swiper with me too, cuz that’s how I roll. Cheers!!) #handmade #leatherwork #leathercraft #madeintheusa

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Soros collaborated with the Nazis rounding up the Jews to send to the…

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